Customer Support

RealAir Simulations has ceased trading

RealAir Simulations ceased trading in December 2016. We no longer offer our products for sale, either through or via third party sellers such as

Thankyou for your support over the many years we operated. We wish all of our customers the very best and hope you receive many more years of enjoyment from our aircraft.

Thankyou, Sean Moloney

Customer Support

Starting from December 2017 we no longer offer personalised, email-based customer support.

You can find helpful information from our customers on the many flight simulation user forums, such as the Avsim Prepar3D forum and the Avsim FSX forum.

Below you will find links to download installers for your RealAir products so you can continue to fly your RealAir planes going into the future.


To contact Sean directly please email: [email protected]

Installer Downloads

Important! Below you will find new installers that will allow you to continue using your RealAir products going into the future. We will eventually make new installers available for all RealAir products but until that time, if you wish to download a product that isn't listed below, please visit the old Realair Installer Download page.

Turbine Duke V2

This installer is provided only for RealAir customers who have previously purchased the Turbine Duke V2 for P3D or FSX. Please read the EULA included in the installer for more detailed information regarding licence conditions.

This installer is provided as-is without further customer support. This installer will continue to work with the supported simulators into the future with no installation limits.

This installer will install the Turbine Duke V2 into the following simulators:
FSX (Microsoft), FSX SE (Dovetail), P3D v2, P3D v3, P3D v4